Monday, December 13, 2010

Some very real faces of Aids

Still in the village that means,

"A well of deep sorrow" or

"A place where nothing good can happen".

We made an unannounced visit to this home.

It was dinner-time.

There was no food cooking anywhere.

No staches of granola bars either, or bread, or anything else in that place.

You only eat what you cook -

If it's a good day, it's posho (cornflour and water) and beans.

Rice would be considered extra special.

That evening, we surprised several ladies as they were praying or reading the Bible

Imagine that:

Instead of cooking/eating

Reading the Bible


There were three benches in front of a mud home.

A Bible was open on one of them.

We got to meet a grandmother,

shake her hand

quietly pray for her.

She's blind and is dying of Aids.

Her daughter next to her also got the virus.

She's got 8 children.

2 teenagers were there. This is them:

They don't go to school - cuz there's no money.

There's no Christmas in this village

No fancy decorations

No songs blaring

No gifts

At least - today, Monday, Dec. 13th, they will eat!

Thanks to a gift we were able to leave behind.

We are told that when the YWAMers brought food occasionally in the past

there was a "mob"

they are SO hungry!

THIS will be their Christmas

A special day!

I wish there could be food provided for them


And - better yet -

A means to kick-start them out of their misery

into a self-sustaining life-style!!!


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