Thursday, December 16, 2010

Precious Lydia

I met Lydia on our last evening near Jinja (Eastern Uganda).

She is 23

Her husband died 2 years ago

She's got 3 children - 4-year old twin boys and a 5/6 year old girl

When her husband died, his family came and took EVERYTHING from her

Her home now is a rented cement-cube of about 6-8 square meters (US$5/month)

without windows (it's hot!)

What you can see here is all she owns

No mattress

No mosquito net

Don't know about a blanket

She's got no money

No skill

NOTHING to work with

She's young

She can work

She would like to learn tailoring (sewing)

IF she could just learn a skill like this one, she would be able to support herself and her children!

She needs help because this training costs money...

I went to her place around dinner-time

Asked her what they are going to eat for dinner

She said, "I have nothing"

I know that some YWAM-friends share their (meager) food with Lydia often

It was hard for me to encourage her and pray for her

without the thought in the back of my mind:

"SOMEBODY is going to help finance her training to become a seamstress"

S O M E B O D Y ????

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