Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please join me in prayer!

I was going to share about some other incredible people who are making a difference in Uganda. One of them is this couple/family.

We visited them in their humble home - 2 bedrooms, no kitchen - yet - and a continual terrible smell coming from the neighbour's pigs...
Very crammed quarters.

They have 4 biological children and 4 adopted/fostered children.
Not all were there when we visited.

Beautiful, beautiful family!

Jane, the mother, also works with YWAM and the "Women of Hope", even though they live quite a ways from that community.

We found out today that the father, Chrosmas (spelling?) and young Joseph (10), sitting next to me on this photo

had a bad motorcycle accident and are both in the hospital.
It seems quite serious.

My heart aches for this family who's already struggling with another medical condition of Joseph's.

They are a real light-house in their community.
They have lots of kids on top of their own constantly staying at their home.
I guess the kids are attracted to the LOVE in this home!

The little one on my lap just came over when we arrived.
Told somebody he wanted to sit on my lap.
Shortly after he sat down, he fell asleep.


Would you please join me in prayer for this family, the Muwonges?

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