Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's pray for Japan!

While Rich and I are praying about him going to Japan with a Rescue-Net team, here is an email from a sister in Christ in Japan to a fellow-blogger.
I am taking the liberty to post it here.

PLEASE - let's pray for her, her family and the precious people of Japan!

Hi!! My name is M~....... I have a very special prayer request and knew I could count on your prayers right this very moment.

My family currently lives in Japan, where my husband is serving in the Military. We have been here, along with our five kids, since last July. Our military base is near Toyko.

The devastation in this country is horrific. I've been praising God that things were NOT worse, as I know it could be a much bleaker picture. We are OK as of right now on the military base, but knowing what is going on just a few miles outside our gate is very sombering. Just as bad is the fear that is settling in.

The talk of nuclear meltdowns and radiation leaks is very disturbing. The mere thought of another earthquake is mind numbing. Today they are starting rolling power outages to help conserve energy, and there is talk of gas rationing. We are starting to go into panic mode - not just us in our home but the community around us.

After the initial shock of the earthquake I was earnestly praying that God would use the situation - and those Christians He has placed right in the midst of it - to bring honor to His name in this country where the great majority of the population do not know Him.

Don't really know how that can happen if we let ourselves be enslaved by fear!!! We would love to have you join us in prayer - just KNOWING other believers are lifting us up goes a long way!!!! Please pray for us to be strengthened and encouraged, to be used to help those truly experiencing loss and devastation all around us, and to let His glory shine in all this! And for the physical needs AND spiritual needs of those without food, water, power, medical supplies as we speak!


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