Saturday, March 26, 2011

I WAS having a really good day...

Today has been a good day - Saturday. Had 9 people around the dinner table tonight, enjoying fellowship and some good food - roast chicken and veggies with mashed potatoes - a feast - and plenty, too!

Saturday nights we usually have family night - and tonight, we were watching a movie with Kylie and Shayden -
Leilani is out babysitting and Jeremie was having a worship time with some friends.

I checked my emails just before watching the movie - and my whole mood changed - as I read a message from my dear friend in Uganda, Judith.

She was telling me about several of the HIV+ widows that we met when we were there.

Ruth's special needs grandchild is very sick and in hospital

Joyce has been very sick - and not enough food ~ ~ ~ makes me wonder who's caring for her 5 grandchildren...

And this beautiful lady has also been very very sick.

When we were there, we prayed for her little HIV+ daughter

since her mom said that she hadn't had a good night.

We found out when we went back a few days later

that she ended up getting admitted to hospital.

She had malaria ~ poor thing ~ and I was so bummed that she didn't get healed ~

The problem on the day we came back was that the little girl was ready to get discharged from the hospital with her mother, but the mother didn't have the money she needed to pay before being able to leave the hospital.
It wasn't very much - for us - and we paid it.
The hospitals in Uganda are usually free, but you have to pay for the food that you and the patient consume while there.

For her - it was a fortune that she didn't have.

She just came to Judith this week,


because she has no food

and no money for transport to get her ARV (Anti retro viral) medicine.

This medicine will prolong the life of AIDS victims

and it's free in Uganda

but you need money to get to where they give it out

AND - since this medication is VERY strong

you HAVE to eat when you take it

or it will make you sick.

Please pray with me for Judith as she ministers to these ladies, day in, day out!
As I am writing, she is getting ready to go to the hospital to visit Ruth and her grandchild.

This is a quote from what she just wrote me:

"Its a big challenge but God will give me the grace. every morning I have at least 1-2 women sitting outside telling me all their needs,and its ok.
some of them don't have whom to tell. keep praying for me."

It literally makes me sick to my stomach to imagine what these precious women and children have to suffer! It is SO real to me!

This IS happening, right NOW!

While I am in my home

protected from the rain

eating, drinking, healthy

enjoying family

LORD, HAVE MERCY and show YOUR LOVE to these ladies PRACTICALLY!!!!

I have a project I'm working on ... but it's going way too slowly for my liking...

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