Friday, March 11, 2011

Praying for Japan

There's no better place to be than in a House of Prayer when hearing about a big earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan!

I LOVE the House of Prayer that's just minutes from our home!

I've never appreciated it more than tonight!

We were there as a family - we try to go every Friday night.

When the news was announced, we were just praying for Christchurch.

Immediately, we switched gears and started praying for Japan.

What else can we do but pray - in times like these?

God is still sitting on the throne.

We will continue to worship him

And plead for the salvation and lives of those who may be just about facing eternity

either with God

or in a terrible place


Pleading for mercy for the nation of Japan

Japan - we love you, precious people!

Our heartfelt prayers are with you, as we pour out our hearts and tears before God on your behalf!

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