Thursday, March 24, 2011

The other day, Kylie came back in the evening from a birthday party at a friend's house.

As she wanted a little time to wind down before going to bed, I let her have it.

After a few minutes, she showed me this:

Here's the "translation":

You're safe Africa, because...

and on the other side:

Dear Africa, you are my only friends.

I know you really well

Because my Mom always talks about you

Because she is so caring for you.

I thought it was hilarious!

I have NO idea where she gets this from...
Even talking about "Africa being her only friends"...
She's got lots of friends ~ ~ ~ go figure...

Besides the spelling, I guess we'll have to work a little on her theology

Africa is NOT safe because I care for "it"

~ I wish ~

~ and I pray ~

that GOD would keep people there safe!


And to add to the fun, look at our lil boy

Deeply in prayer

So grateful for his German dinner of "Käsespätzle".

Yeah right - this happens to little boys who don't wanna take naps


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