Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another milestone

In our first year in Tahiti, we adopted a stray female cat - called her OJ (she had the colour of orange juice). When the male cats started to come around after OJ, Rich didn't like it and prepared his amunition to chase them away: a row full of (smaller) rocks lined up on the railing of our patio.

I had to laugh at how protective Rich was of OJ and joked with him :"What are you gonna be like when Nathalie's suiters come around?" Rich figured that he'd be way worse...
At the time, Nathalie was a tiny baby, peacefully and ignorantly sleeping in her little bassinet.

Fast-forward to 2005: We had arrived in our new home, New Zealand, and Nathalie hated being here with a passion! She resented us bringing her here - away from her beloved Tahiti. She was DEFINITELY NEVER going to even consider marrying a New Zealander!

- - - SUSPENSE - - -

Fast-forward to July 2007: Nathalie came back from her 2-week-long Tahiti trip, saying "There is absolutely nothing that appeals to me about being back in NZ."

Fast-forward to last night 11pm: Louis, a young Kiwi man from our church, asked Rich (after he came back from fishing, I was sleeping) if he could court Nathalie with the intention of marrying her - with her sitting right there, too, trying to make Louis and Rich feel at ease with lots of nervous giggles:).

What happened between July and last night???? Well, you've got to ask Nathalie yourself. Y'know, I've got to watch out what I say on this blog - it's pretty public :)

This new milestone reached (and may I add, it didn't come as a surprise) sure gives me some mixed feelings - - - what happened to our baby??? No, seriously, Louis is a fine young man.
And we're proud of how they are going about their relationship - so far, so good :)

By the way, Rich didn't throw any rocks. Who would've thought?!!


Sara Betnel said...

I want pictures and a full report of this person. I may throw like a girl, but I'll bet I could get a rock from here to NZ if necessary. :)

Time dows fly

isabel said...

You're great Sara - what an aunt!!! Made me laugh so much!!! I'll ask Nathalie to let you in on her "bebo"-site. I bet it's all there :)