Saturday, February 16, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

I almost couldn't believe it this morning when I took Kylie to "Savemart" (second hand clothing shop) to get some clothes for her.

She is so much like me - it's (almost) scary - - - :)

Although I had made it clear that we were going to get some clothes for her, all she wanted to do was choose clothes for her dolls - - - and Shayden! (after a while she did get excited about some clothes for herself)

Like her, I used to - and still do - have this incredible attraction to everything and anything that is "baby-stuff". It's a family joke: the rest of the family knows to make a big detour around the baby-section of any store - lest I get side-tracked from what we came to do... ("Oh, look at this, it's soo cute - and that - and oh ...")

It's a crack-up to watch my daughter act exactly the same as I used to as a little girl...

It's fun to be able to relate to her so well :)

I used to make and buy baby clothes (shoes are a favorite) with my first earnings when I was barely a teenager - and then give them away - I got such a kick out of it.

Nowadays, I get to buy clothes for Shayden - - - I get an allowance from the social services and I go crazy - - - it's so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Combined with all the clothes that have been given to me for him, he's got more than he can use - - - it's a new feeling :)

'nuf talk of babies for today. Baby's woken up from his nap :)

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