Monday, February 11, 2008

Not only fishers of men together

Did you know that Rich is a PASSIONATE fisherman?!
Not just of human souls, but of real fish, too!
He has spent a few nights recently fishing together with the 2 men he worked with in Fiji (who are also based in Tauranga) - Dave Cole and his son Josh.

They've been enjoying each other's company and catching some nice trout - here's the proof - that was Saturday night!

Rich couldn't have been happier - he brought home two of the fish - yumm - good size, too!

Last week, a new, young YWAM family arrived in Tauranga to help with the establishing of the "Bethlehem Missions Base" - lovely people!!! At their welcome BBQ (barbie in NZ English), Dave joked and told them that all new staff get trained at fishing for trout when they arrive - it's part of the requirements for being on staff - gotta love FISHING :)!

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