Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happiest Woman on Earth

I can't believe I'm actually daring the dive into blog-world once again - after 5 months of silence... My thoughts were here many times, there would've been soooo many things to share, BUT - - - life's just been too crazy busy and blogging's one of the first "unnecessaries" that goes out the window.

I'm still very busy - starting to home school Leilani next week (and not ready yet!) - Shayden's still with us - and there is work staring at me wherever I look, but - BUT - yeah! - I just can't keep to myself anymore how blessed I am - gotta share it:)!

Today, as Kylie was holding Shayden while they were taking a bath together, she said out of the blue, "I like having a baby in the house! silence I'm gonna miss him when he leaves us!" (couldn't agree with her more!)

How sweet is that?! She really loves him lots! She's got such a nurturing/mothering spirit in her - she's amazing! She plays with her dolls and stuffed animals for hours in the most loving, caring way. When we go for a walk, we have to wait until about 4 members of her doll/stuffed animal family are dressed and ready to come along in her double doll stroller, nicely dressed, wrapped up and wearing bibs. When we go out with the car, it's not much different. She gets very upset if we don't have the time, nerves or extra seat to buckle in a doll or two next to her.

She now has a second guinea pig, too, that she bought with money she got from selling her trycicle - she's hoping for babies (yep, we were crazy enough to let her get a male and a female!)

Shayden is a HUGE blessing - I can't describe with words HOW MUCH I enjoy him! All I can say is that I feel undeservingly PRIVILEGED to be able to care for him and enjoy him - still!!!!
He is very easy-going, happy, funny and watching him blossom before my eyes, being there for so many of his "firsts" - birthday, Christmas, trying all kinds of food, to name a few - has just been a most WONDERFUL journey!!! He even started to crawl this week (commando-style). His physical therapist and I were working towards that for a while now, not sure he'd ever do it.
He makes me laugh so much - Oh how I love him!!!!


He will not stay with us much longer, but that's a story I'll keep for another day.

I feel so happy - mostly cuz I feel so loved - by my God!!! It's a wonderful way to live life!!!

We've been blessed in many astounding ways lately in the area of provision - that leaves me in awe of God.

  • A couple of unexpected larger gifts just before the end of the year that allowed us to pay a chunk of taxes and have a Christmas,
  • friends giving us heaps of avocados that were ripe just exactly during my Mother's visit (she LOVES them!),
  • friends giving us a bag of clothing for Kylie when she really needed them,
  • somebody from church passing on a ton of clothes (mostly T-shirts) for Jeremie and Rich,
  • my Mom buying me some new clothes - YAY!
  • her blessing us in many more different ways!!!!!!!!
  • getting lemons from somebody at church,
  • and - believe it or not - finding a huge zuchini on the road to Kylie's kindergarten (we had it tonight as "Ratatouille" - and a second load's in the freezer for another day). People in NZ sometimes put out spare fruit/vegies on the side of the road for anybody to pick up - we've already had several provsions this way!
I know there's more, I just can't remember it all.

I am so very grateful for so many many blessings that I am able to enjoy!
Hopefully, I'll find the time to share more as time goes on.
My heart is full - - - :)

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