Sunday, February 3, 2008

A funny one

Just after I'd finished writing my blog last night, Rich and I went to bed. I started sniffling, cuz I thought I smelled something "bad" coming from Rich's direction :)

He said, "I just took a shower - and also put on a fresh T-shirt. Maybe you're so used to my usual BO that you think something's wrong when I'm clean... haha"

I kept sniffing, wondering where that unpleasant smell came from.
Then we found out: it was the smell of his new deodorant! (obviously not exactly my favorite smell).

As I was surprised he had a new deodorant I asked him where he'd gotten it from.

With some hesitation, he chuckled and said, "I found it on the ground at Parachute. (a huge Christian Music Festival with over 25.000 people where he did security last week-end). It was pretty much new - I think."

We both had a really good laugh - not too loud, so that Shayden wouldn' wake up:)
I guess my Mom was right when she said recently, "You can't prescribe God HOW he will provide for you"!

So here you go with another ususual way God provided for us recently:)

I wonder, though, if that particular deodorant was meant for somebody else - - - I think God would want me to like the smell of Rich's one:)

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