Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Back in Uganda!

After an uneventful 38-hour trip on 4 planes (and a bus), I finally arrived back in my beloved Uganda!

What warm fuzzies once again as I touched African ground.... LOVE IT!!!

Just like last trip, the promised ride from the airport wasn't there,
but I was half expecting it not surprised and just ended up taking a taxi to the Baby Home where I'm staying tonight.

Right away - there were babies/toddlers everywhere....

... and I was in my element!

Playing, singing, holding, cuddling, feeding them - just loving on them.
It was full-on, even helped getting them ready for bed after their (cold) baths

The cutest 3-year-old twin girls both called me "Mom" and wanted me to pick them up...

To say this has been an emotional afternoon/evening is an understatement.

The place I'm staying at (just one night) is a bit adventurous again  -
but before I head off to bed, here are some photos.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH if you've prayed for my trip!
It couldn't have been smoother and I was able to sleep enough to keep me sane (until now).

flying over Ethiopia - it's so dry and brown everywhere

This is UGANDA - nice and green with Lake Victoria!

With the same baby that I loved on for 2 hours on the last day of my last trip - she's 9 months old now - and still only weighs 3.5kg

she was still just as sad - didn't smile at all - she's been very sick and in and out of the hospital because of early malnourishment and abandonment. There is a couple that is pursuing adopting her, which is great! She really needs a family and one-on-one care! She was cold, even wearing warm clothes... Shayden, keep up the prayers for baby Elizabeth!

the toddlers' dinner - and on the left you can see the pile of clothes that the kids will put on after their baths - just pick and choose whatever fits - quite holy hole-y clothes...

another lil one that's sick a lot - I think she's 1 1/2

cutie - on the right you see the tub the kids get bathed in

Bed-time: no stories, songs, prayers, tucking in - they just get laid down and that's it!

the kids are well cared-for, but there are so few caregivers and they don't get much individual attention -  there's just nothing like a family!



Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting the photos - beautiful children. The Lord keep you and them in the palm of his hand. xx

Catherine said...

So glad you are there safe. Those babies make my heart break - cuddle and love them for me. You are in my prayers x