Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short update

Just a short update about my upcoming Uganda-trip!

I am deeply humbled and completely in awe of God - once again - how HE orchestrated the provision for this trip! Nothing short of A-MAZING!!!!

Besides the JOY of the provision
(in two weeks from ZERO to everything covered, with gifts from 5 nations!),
this week has been challenging -
with sickness once more attacking pretty much the whole family - and some other time-stealers.

 But we'll get there - by HIS grace and hopefully not completely exhausted before the 36hour trip - hehe!

2 more days...

Just something cute I just have to share:

Yesterday as we were having dinner, Jeremie joined us
(he doesn't live at home any more but comes every so often).

I don't know why, but at some point, Jeremie gave his wallet to Shayden.

As Shayden was looking through it, he came across Jeremie's drivers license.

He was very interested in it and asked Jeremie:

"Did you get married last week?"

After we all had a good laugh at this random question, we asked him:

"What's "married" mean?

After thinking about it for a little while, he declared:

"It's being happy!"

What a little entertainer this boy is - sure getting us our dose of laughter!

And he's pretty smart, too - knows his stuff!

Every day, he repeats after me:

"I am loved.

I am clever (NZ version of smart).

I am handsome."

Sometimes he interjects:

"I am a singing bridge" (from Dora the explorer - a bridge singing silly songs)

Silly boy, that's for sure!

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