Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 8 - just beginning

Good morning, once again!

Good thing I woke up at 5am. This gives me a chance for an update, as today, I will be in a meeting at 8am and then drive straight to Kampala for the day 
(and possibly the night, depending on when I get a dentist appointment).

I am excited to see Praise today - if you don't know her story, just gotta go back in my blog to September 2011 - and end of December 2011 (don't have time to find the links now).

AMAZING young Ugandan woman caring for 17 orphans - without any help...

Anyways, my emotions have been such a mess since being here - as usual.
This is what Uganda does to me every time.

At the moment, though, I was just crying as I was reading the sweetest e-card that Rich sent me for our anniversary today! I miss him so much and hugely honor him for the sacrifices he makes to allow me to pursue the dream God has placed in my heart. 
He's my best friend and I can't wait to be with him again! But until then, there's some "business" the FATHER has put on my heart that I will gladly pursue. 
(9 more days til I'm home...)

So, it was funny, I got picked up for church instead of at 9:30 at 10:20.
But I knew better than to stress.
Just used the extra time to pray and prepare some more - so it was actually a blessing!

When I got picked up, I found out the reason for the lateness.
Moses and Penninah don't own a car (with their family of 20+) so they borrow one when needed.
But it was so dirty when they got it yesterday that they didn't feel comfortable to pick me up in it like that and went and washed it first.

Now, that's priorities!

The church service was amazing! Very poor church, dirt floor,  no instruments except a couple of drums, no sound system, just the people!

view from my front row bench - see the dirt? My shoes will never be the same :)
 What is special is that all their older (mostly adopted) children are helping run the church!

I was touched as 2 small children from the congregation went forward spontaneously at some point when it was testimony time and sang a song. 
All by themselves, first one, then the other.
Oh, the sweet, soft voices!
And no embarrassment - just wanting to bring a gift to the Lord - and the people.

I was apprehensive about preaching, as a piece from my cut tooth hurts my tongue with every word I speak. I really needed to rely on the Lord big time and he came through once again.

It went really well. I felt anointed and able to bring encouragement (felt no pain until after the service).
The pastor (Moses) thanked me in the end and said that people were touched and encouraged.  
I even kept them awake!

Now, if I hadn't been in a Ugandan church last visit, I wouldn't be able to appreciate that comment.
As the services go so long, people do tend to go to sleep when it gets to be after 1pm.

It was fun not to be restricted in time!

In the Western church, you always have to be as precise and short as possible.

Here, it's the opposite.

If you preach under 1 hour, people will still go away hungry.
They want MORe, they are HUNGRY for the WORD of GOD!

I guess they don't have much to back home to in terms of food,
(like in our western countries),

so they're all the more eager to eat spiritual food.

Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH if you prayed for me!
I definitely felt the prayers.

Also had wonderful fellowship with 2 families after church.
The friendships that are deepening are precious beyond words.

And sorry, I once again just couldn't make myself take all these photos -
though there would've been lots of opportunity.

Once you're not a "tourist" but a friend, it just isn't appropriate.

Except for this one - 
I asked Moses and Penninah in the end, as I didn't have a decent photo of them yet.
TRUE HEROES, this couple, AMAZING people!!

with their youngest (biological) daughter Deborah

I'll tell you more about them in another post.

Just telling you one thing Moses told me on the way:

As they are working in the villages and visiting/counseling many people, they come in touch with so many needy situations, especially children. 
Even though they find it hard to find food for their own family, he couldn't help himself and committed to paying school fees for 3 more kids in the village.


Are these people crazy?


But they sure have the heart of God and don't hesitate to be HIS hands, too!

2 weeks ago, they had a woman with 5 children come to their home just as they were preparing for church. She was in desperate need of help and when they said they couldn't help, she broke down crying - right there, in their home.
And they needed to take off for church.

This is their daily reality!

There's SOOOO much more I'd like to say, but 'nuf for now.

Appreciate your continued prayers - protection on the road, finding out if/how God would want me to be involved in helping Praise - and the dentist visit, just a few ideas...

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Elizabeth said...

Inspirational and so wonderful to hear all you are doing.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! wow, was it really 24 years ago on that snowy Lausanne day...
Hope the tooth gets fixed OK.
love & prayers xx