Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mission (im)POSSIBLE!

Ready to read about an incredible testimony of God's provision?

Rewind to August 2011
Our family was in  a campground in Connecticut at the end of our USA-trip.

By the way, we bought this caravan/tent (with a friend's help) and shipped it to New Zealand to sell here. The sale was meant to cover some of our travel costs (as they sell for more in NZ). Our challenge right now: We need to sell it!!!

It was the day before my scheduled departure from New York for Uganda.

We had payed my ticket with a credit card and were still missing 1/3 to pay it off.

Then, Rich told me that he was very sorry but he was not going to be able to give me even one dollar for my 3-week-trip (by myself) - just cuz our accounts were at zero, nada, nooch...


Talk about a freaky fascinating faith-challenge!

Shortly before leaving the campground for the airport, I thought I'd check my emails quickly.

And - suprise of surprises: There was an email from somebody in Germany who had put a large gift onto an account that we hardly use (and didn't check during our whole trip).

The money had been sitting in that account for 2 months!!!!
And it was a good thing we didn't know it, because we would have spent it on our trip.

So, our mountain-moving, awe-inspiring , super-caring and loving God had provided all along!

The provision was just "hidden" from us - for good reason!

You can't imagine HOW ECSTATIC I was when I read that email!!!

  Not only were all my travel expenses covered, but I was able to invest more than half of the gift in Uganda! YAY!! God had once again come through – so faithfully!

As much as I don't like this last-minute provision, it seems to be a pattern in our family's adventures with God...
My time in Uganda was absolutely AMAZING and surpassed all my expectations!

On February 19th - just a little over 2 weeks away
I will be traveling to Uganda once again.

God has led me to partner with local people making a difference for orphans and widows. 
And it is necessary for these projects that we sit down face to face, talk and pray together and do all the things that you just can't do with email or phone calls.

One of them is the upcoming trip to Europe with the ex-orphans of the "Orphans Know More" network.

The main one is the project our church Changepoint has taken on:

(go to the very bottom of the post - video coming soon)

and a couple more

So, once again, I am in that freaky fascinating place of praying and trusting God to bring the provision out of "hiding" - SOON!

Watch this space!

And if you want to invest to redeem the lives of Ugandan orphans and widows,
here's YOUR CHANCE!  

You can help me get there (and back)
Airfare and visa: just under NZ$3,000, plus ground-costs which I keep at a minimum


By the way, I am hoping to go with a friend (not sure yet)
and - feel free to email me at

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