Friday, February 3, 2012

Hope In Villages+

Have a look at the video that we showed at our church to introduce the ministry

Hope In Villages+

Just 3 minutes ~ ~ ~

The response was very encouraging and more than 30 people signed up in early December to sponsor a child. 

Commitments were also made for income generating businesses.

As money is starting to flow - and has already caused tears of joy in Uganda - it is necessary to build a solid foundation to make sure this partnership is on solid ground with all the details figured out!
I will also need to take more photos of children and get some basic information for the sponsors.

When I presented the project I had only received 16 profiles from Uganda. The person who was able to email me the photos and info had to leave the country (because of a family death).
Soooo ~ ~ ~ somebody else will need to be trained up.
A digital camera has already been donated that I can then leave there.

Anyways, enough of the rambling...

Here it is:
(put together by our church's graphic artist with photos I brought back)

By the way, I just found out today that the children in the last photo of the video clip 
(the ones taken care of by their grandmother) are now in an orphanage.
Not sure how I feel about that.
Orphanages are better than no help at all, for sure - but how much better if children can stay with family members in their community
... so sad...

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