Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saw this yesterday...

... and thought I'd share.

Kinda expresses what I'm feeling/thinking...

My "flesh" would prefer just staying home instead of embarking on another long trip to Uganda  - alone (sadly, my friend is not going to be able to come).

It would be SO MUCH easier just to
  • stay put at home and take good care of my family, 
  • have my house in order
  • spend lots of time with my precious grand-son, 
  • not need to take another 9 weeks of antibiotics (malaria meds) - 
  • and all kinds of risks... (not to mention the finances or lack thereof)
  • Avoid looooooong travel, cold showers, 
  • long days, short nights - like right now... :)

YET, it's not about me, my comfort nor my security.

I WILL follow the call I'm hearing in my heart - and I'm going.

Here am I, Lord - send me!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Much love & prayers as you step out of your comfort zone and balance on that beam, Isabel!
So glad to be a part of this trip in a small way.
Be blessed my friend xxx