Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 7 - just beginning

Though today, Sunday, is just beginning, I might as well grab the chance to write now, since tonight I'll for sure not be able to, as I'll be visiting one of the OKM families - and I know it'll be late (dinner there is around 9pm).

And having 3+ hours to myself before heading to church gives me lots of time.... YAY! I LIKE it!!!
Nobody around to distract me - just me and my Jesus!!!

A little riddle for ya:

I was emailed by the wife (pastor and OKM parent) that I would get picked up at 9:30am for church.

When I saw her husband yesterday and asked him what time church starts, he said at 9am!

OK - that's different...

Gladly, I went to a church last time I was here (without ministering) and I figured out that churches here have 2 morning services. I guess like some churches in the US, where you have Sunday school first, where people get taught about a certain topic in small groups all around the church.
And only afterwards the "real" service starts.
The church I went to last time, the teaching during Sunday school was actually a lot better (for my taste) than the actual preaching in the main Service.

Anyways, just a bit of fun..

Had a good night - thanks if you prayed! 
Woke up at 6 with the song in my heart:

"He makes all things
He makes all things
He makes all things BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Oh yes, he does!!!

During the nights here at the YWAM base, I've been hearing lots of interesting noises.
One night, I heard gut-wrenching SCREAMS - was sure that I was gonna hear in the morning that somebody had been killed or something like that. But I didn't (doesn't mean it didn't happen, though...)

This morning again, somebody SCREAAAMING - 
(I prefer not to go check it out but stay safely under my mosquito net in my guest room).

I hear noises through the night of people that must be partying - 
of course, these are sounds coming from the neighbours... (I think - haha!)

This week during one of meetings, as we talked about the history of the communities surrounding the base, I found out that they used to be in a terrible state of hopelessness, drunkenness and violence all over.

This road that I have walked, taken a motorbike on, and driven by car used to be so dangerous, that if you were on it after 7-7:30pm, you'd be sure not to survive it.

The name of the main village surrounding the base is "Namaziba" -
 "a place where nothing good comes from, a well of deep sorrrow."

And every young person's only wish was to leave it as soon as possible, because there was no future.

So much has changed already, I am told. There used to be a bar just about behind every hut 
(they were in the distilling business and of course, had to try the alcohol...). 
Now there is just one bar in the village (and that will go, too!!!)

Being with the "Women of Hope" group on Friday just tickled my heart.

YES Lord,

YOU make all things
YOU make all things
YOU make all things

There is so much more to do, but little by little we want to do our part to transform 


into a 

City of HOPE!
(as was prophesied a couple of years ago by a visiting minister)

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