Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mommy-daughter get-away

Just got back from a couple of days Mommy-daughter time with Leilani about an hour from here. I "kidnapped" her (as we do with our children when they're about 11/12 yrs. old) on a surprise get-away to help prepare her for the exciting/terrifying teenage years.

We listen to a cassette series by Dr.James Dobson "Preparing for Adolescence", talk about it and just have a special time together (junk foods, playing games, nature walks, window shopping and a trip to the hot pools were part of it).
A huge blessing was that we were able to stay at some people's beach house (bach, as they say here) for free!

It was GREAT - very peaceful!!! So nice to just have that special time with Leilani and hopefully gearing her up as well as possible for the years ahead.

What an incredible resource - to be recommended very highly!!!

I also loved having time alone with God and reading a book for the first 2-3 hours each morning while Leilani was still sleeping :)

What a treat! I feel wonderfully refreshed!!! Thank you, Lord!!!

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