Friday, July 13, 2007

Shayden is here!

Rich left for Fiji a couple of days ago, Nathalie and Jeremie are coming back from Tahiti in a couple of days - AND - the big news is that Shayden arrived at our home yesterday afternoon!

I had NO IDEA what state he was going to be in, how distressed he would be and how he would sleep at night. Considering the little I'd heard before, he had every reason to be very disturbed and sleeping very badly (I'm his 5th caretaker and he's only 6 months old!)

Add to it a couple of bad nights before his arrival due to Kylie coming down sick with the flu (yes, again - sigh) - and I was definitely in suspense before he arrived.

Now, 30 hours later, I am gratefully relieved!
He settled amazingly quickly, just cried off and on for the first 1 1/2hours and has been fine since. The crying yesterday was largely due to constipation, which has gotten better today after prayer, some diet changes and more diaper changes than you can count :)
His former caregiver was convinced he would be screaming for 24 hours and not eating - none of which happened. Thank you, God!!!
It's great to have God on my side for this - what a wonderful HELPER!!!

I can't tell you how relieved I am that he sleeps through the night - YEAH!!! Actually longer than any of our kids ever has (6pm to 7:30am!!!)

Kylie has been really good with him. Before he came, she told me that she was going to share her toys with him. When he was here, she announced that she would teach him how to suck his thumb - now this is coming from a heavy-duty, professional thumb-sucker that knows her trade :).

She enjoys the stroller and car-seat in the house and puts her dolls in them - welcome new toys for her - especially since she can't get too close to Shayden due to her remaining cold and cough.

Leilani is an awesome helper - and loves to help care for him!

Am I blessed or what? Thank you, Jesus!!
It is wonderful having Shayden with us - and although it'll be full-on (especially if he keeps going through bibs and clothes like he has today - caused by reflux), I know the investment into this precious little life is totally worth it!

It's really good that it's just Leilani, Kylie and me at the house for starters, and no school this week, since he doesn't like strange new faces or lots of noise - nor car trips - very much.
Next week'll be a different story - - -
If I don't write, you know I'm too exhausted :)

Looking forward to having Nathalie and Jeremie back home - the night between Sunday and Monday! Can't wait to hear all about their experiences - we couldn't really be in touch with them by phone for most of the time.

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