Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rich in Fiji

Every time Rich goes to Fiji, he takes a bus - at some point - from Nadi (pronounce Nandi) to Suva, the capital.
Yesterday, he took the airconditioned bus, because the time suited him better. Normally he takes the non-airconditioned bus.
Anyways, the bus was so crammed full, that they had 3 good-size men (including him) sit on two seats for the 5 hours the trip lasted!
Plus, one of the men had a 1-year-old child on his lap.
I'm glad that at least the bus was airconditioned - but he said it was miserable - as you can imagine.

As soon as he got into Suva, he took a taxi to the IWT base, got changed and took another taxi to a meeting with Pastors and volunteers. Remember, the 2 vehicles are still blocked at customs?!

When I asked him what I can pray for him, he asked to pray that he wouldn't get devoured by moskitoes in the night (like he did the night before)

Oh, the joys of being a missionary :)!

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