Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost all alone...

Well, here I am - just with Kylie and Shayden (both in bed) - all by myself for the next couple of days. It's such a weird feeling...
Rich is in the Cook Islands, Nathalie and Leilani went to a 4-day Easter-camp yesterday. Jeremie has been coming and going, but left with some friends for the next couple of days.
It is SOOO different around here.
I actually kind of like it :) (I probably should say that I don't - as a devoted mother - but I've got to be honest :))
YES, I DO miss everybody that's gone, but am enjoying the slower pace, less noise, mess, dishes, laundry, demands etc.
I like the fact that I can just do what I want to in the evenings and there's not heaps of work left. YAY!
I've been able to have people over just about every day, some of that spontaneously. This is nice and I enjoy it!!!
I can dedicate myself more to Kylie, which she needs.(coloured some eggs today for Easter)

Last night, I decided to sleep in Nathalie's bed, in the hope to get to sleep a little longer in the morning. Shayden wakes up around 5:30am and I am awake at his first little noise. He's usually happy babbling along for at least 15 min or so after he wakes up. So I hoped to be able to sleep until his noises would get loud enough to wake me up :)
Unfortunatly, Kylie got an earache in the night and that robbed some sleep - she ended up wanting me to sleep with her. Oh well, maybe tonight I'll get a really good sleep...

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