Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Evening activities

Ever wonder what I like to do once my day's work is done? (Yeah, I'm sure!)
Some days that can be as late as 10pm - like last night, when I had to bring the 2 littlies to bed, do the dishes, tidy up the house, vacuum and mop the floor - and some days as early as 7:30pm - like tonight, when Jeremie will take care of the dishes and the house is not in a big mess, no hubby to talk to, the 3 older ones in front of the DVDplayer, no meeting to go to.
  • Well, one of my favorite things to do on an evening like tonight, is to read blogs - - - believe it or not! I have just recently come across a whole heap of blogs about adoption, and those are the ones I read. Although I have never met any of those ladies (and probably never will), I feel like I am starting to know them, and am definitely getting inspired by them and want to follow their stories!
One of them had a post recently that really struck a cord in me. Here is an excerpt of it (the parts that concerned me):

You know you are an adoptive mother (or you should be!) if:

1. The fact that there are 143 million children without a parent to kiss them goodnight has ever made you lose sleep.

4. The fact that if 7% of Christians adopted 1 child, there would be no orphans in the world is convicting to you.

5. You spend free time surfing blogs about families who have experienced the blessing of adoption.

10. You believe God's heart is for adoption.

11. You realize that welcoming a child into your heart and family is one of the most important legacies you could ever leave on this earth.

12. You shudder when people say your child is so lucky that you adopted them, knowing full well you are the blessed one to have them in your life.

15. You know full well that the journey of your child coming into your family is one of the most wonderful, miraculous things that has ever happened to you.

More on that subject another time :)
  • Another thing I like doing in the evening is downloading photos of my darlings and writing Shayden's diary (doing an entrance every day Mo-Fri).
  • Then, of course, (this is usually the first thing), reading my emails and - sometimes - responding to them :)
  • Talking to my Mom on the phone - or to another family member or friend
  • Listening to God TV via the internet - usually the Prayer Room in Kansas City

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