Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's been a while since I blogged about Jeremie. He is doing great - an awesome teenager!!!

Besides school, he is busy with different church-related activities. He helps with the primary children, the 11-12 yr. olds, graphics, mowing the lawn, and, of course, goes to youth group and hangs out with a group of friends in his free time.

He has just come back from a week-end in Rotorua (a town an hour away from here). He went there for a friend's birthday - and had so much fun!

The 3 of them went hunting two nights in a row and terminated the life of close to 50 animals that are pests here - mostly rabbits, some opposums and a few wallabies (I didn't even know until today that we had those in NZ - like small kangoroos).

Yep, that's our "wild-at-heart-nature-boy" - LOVIN' it!!!

Jeremie is blessed with some really nice friendships. Besides the hunting-friend, he regularly gets asked to go jet-skiing with another one of his friends (heaps of fun "flying" in the waves). Last week-end, he got to ride Louis' motorbike at the - pretty much empty - beach!

Louis and his brother also have a boat and a group of them (of course including Nathalie) have been going out with that, having heaps of fun - and surfing!

He really couldn't be more blessed! (at least that's what I think... right, Jeremie?)

He now finally has the right (with his type of visa) to work up to 20hours a week and will start working in the kiwi fruit harvest soon - finished all the fun and games - - -

He really wants to earn money to get his own car, but has decided that he will go on a missions-trip with his school in July - to Samoa! So I guess the car will have to wait some more, cuz the trip is costly...

It's pretty exciting: he and about 10-15 others will go to Samoa for 2 weeks to minister. One of the things they'll be doing is teaching special needs kids woodwork skills.
Jeremie LOVES woodwork - and he's got a natural teaching-gift.
And of course, going back to the islands THRILLS him!!! Life in Samoa is similar to Tahiti!!! YAY!!! Should be a "funtastic" experience!

By the way, Rich has arrived safely in the HOT Cook Islands and has already made us jealous by telling us he had a raw fish salad!

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