Saturday, March 1, 2008

Amazing story-telling at the Betts'

When Rich is at home, Kylie gets pretty spoiled with elaborate good-night stories (most nights, anyways). Rich has got an incredible gift of creativity and makes up the most amazing stories for her - sometimes taking up to half an hour!

Tonight, he even got some photos - and a video-clip - off the internet, to help illustrate his story. I don't know any details, just that a seahorse giving birth to babies (video) and the most amazing nutibrancks (spelling?) were part of it!
Rich is a nature- and animal-lover and that's what comes out when he brings Kylie to bed.

We have friends where the dad does math with his children when he brings them to bed. So the 6-year-old can easily tell you what 65 minus 11 is and the older ones are math whizzes ... :)

I guess it's your passion that you're gonna pass on to your children - - -

Sorry Kylie, Dad will only be home 10 days in March - leaving the day after tomorrow :(
You'll have to put up with a few short minutes of my time, probably reading the Bible - or some story from a library book. I'm good at reading :) - and don't have much time, since Shayden has to be taken to bed at the same time.

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