Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a day!

The fascinating challenges of today:

Another visit to the dentist due to pain after the surgery -
Kylie and Shayden with the stomach-flu (not a severe case, thank God!) -
and then - - - the BOMB:

We received a letter from the owners of our rental home.
They want to sell it (need the money) - and want to start listing it in 2 weeks!
We moved in exactly a year ago next week. They had originally promised us the house for 1-2 years - even recently confirming that it'll be 2 years.

For our inconvenience of having the house clean and presentable at any given day for an agent to come by with a prospective buyer, plus Sunday mornings "Open Home", they offer us a reduction of rent, plus a compensation if/when the house does get sold.

It hit me quite hard, I've got to admit.
My life is already maxed out with busy-ness that I really can't put up with the possibility of an "any-time-somebody-looking-at-the-house" kind of situation. As it is, I barely have enough time to dedicate myself enough to Leilani's schooling.
Plus, if it does get sold, which is a good possibility, we'd have to move out within 6 weeks.
Where to???

If we refuse the offer they made us, it may mean an ugly scene with them - - -
They cannot legally force us to accept their offer.
If we refuse, they could likely decide to take the house back for themselves, in which case they just need to give us 6 weeks notice - - -

To find another rental in such short notice is extremely hard - especially since we have a dog and want to stay in the area, so that Kylie can keep going to her kindergarten (which, at the moment, is walking distance).
It is also very very time-consuming to find another home. Let alone MOVE!

So - either way ain't easy...

If you want to, would you please pray for us? For peace, for wisdom to make the right decision, and for a more permanent home for us (and if it's just a tent, I was thinking today, as long as we can stay a long time!)

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