Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Look only if you promise not to get jealous :)

Wouldn't want to make you stumble:)
Especially you in Europe (and some places in North America) - I know, I know, I know we are so blessed here in NZ - with beaches like that!
So - when are you gonna come and visit us?! Make sure it's before winter sets in :)

We went to the beach on Sunday afternoon - with Louis' family (sorry, no photo of him yet) - and had some wonderful fun. I haven't been in the water yet all summer beyond my knees... shame on me. Hopefully I'll have a chance before it gets too cold again. And I think Shayden may be ready for a full-on swim by now, too!

Yummy sand! Good for the digestion, too!

Aren't they good looking - these two men?!!

I had a few more pics I was going to post - - - but there's a problem with the computer and I can't do it. Maybe tomorrow.

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