Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Boy!

We just came home from the hospital in Hamilton and though it is late, I can't help but share some fresh photos of Gideon.

He is doing so well and looks SOOOOOOO much better than 2 days ago!!!

His breathing is calm and regular and he's got some nice colors!

He's SOOOOOOO beautiful and precious and we declare the continued healing power of Jesus over his little life that has been so traumatized already.

May JESUS make up for everything he has been missing since leaving the safety of Nathalie's womb.
It is so hard not to be able to pick him up and cuddle him!
He belongs into loving arms, not a cold bed!

For now, we will just hold on to the fact that GOD'S HANDS are holding him and pray that he would feel it, too!

Nathalie and Lewis are both also doing amazing and I'm sure it has to do with the outpouring of love and prayers of so many!
We can't thank you enough for that!!!

In the photos, you can see him holding on to Lewis' finger - so cute!

Since I couldn't use a flash, the photos aren't very clear and what you see on his head are the leftovers of blood from the birth - as he hasn't had a bath yet.


Laurent said...

Gideon is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure everybody is itching to pick him up and cuddle him. He will not lack arms to hold him. May God's angels hold him now. God bless you all and give you strength!

celine said...

I thank God for hearing our prayer. the all look beautiful specially Nathalie who has just delivered and the Gedeon is ssooooo gorgeous so cute.
lot of love