Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on Gideon Temana

What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!
HE hears our cries and answers our prayers!!!

And what wonderful friends we have - all over the world!

As emails and fb messages were pouring in this morning, reassuring us of many many prayers, I felt totally overcome with gratitude and so loved!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Gideon is doing VERY WELL!

He is off the breathing machine and only has one IV left.
He still cannot be held nor fed, as his body temperature needs to be kept at a very specific lower temperature than normal, in case there has been damage to the brain -
which has a greater possibility to get repaired with this specific body temperature.

It seems that what happened was that during the end of labor, somehow half of Gideon's blood "emptied out" back into Nathalie's womb because of stress.
I don't understand the medical stuff very well???

So when he came out, his breathing problems were related to the fact that he only had half the blood that he should've had circulating through his body.

He should have really had his blood transfusion straight after birth (and not 5 hours later), but the medical personnel were suspecting a heart problem.

We totally acknowledge and recognize GOD's intervention in preserving Gideon's life and are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!!!

This photo was taken before they realized there was a problem

see how very pale he was?

For now, there have been no signs of brain damage, so hopefully that IS THE CASE!

Nathalie and Lewis would appreciate our ongoing prayers for:

  • complete healing and restoration of Gideon's body

  • grace, comfort and strength for them as they are not allowed to hold or feed him yet and are far from home

  • finances, as Lewis has not been working and will not be able to for a few more days until they're back home.

I can't wait to show you more photos of him - SOON!!!

He's such a precious little darling!!!

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Laurent said...

Our prayers are with little Gideon. May God bring complete healing in his tiny body and may He be glorified!
The Trabadellos