Saturday, April 16, 2011

More news

Just talked to Nathalie again and Gideon is doing SO well! The doctors are very happy with him!

Hardest thing is the complication of Nathalie and Lewis not staying at the hospital (though close) and needing to go back and forth, while Nathalie is still in some pain, trying to rest and pump her milk every 3 hours.

Please pray for patience, grace, strength and perseverance to make it through until about the middle of next week when Gideon will most likely be discharged.

They will slowly put his temperature back up to normal starting Monday night (he's naked and on ice-packs now to keep his temperature down) and then want to monitor him for another 1-2 days to make sure all is well, which I'm sure it will be!

We serve a mighty God!!!

While I am GREATLY REJOICING about these great news, I am pained by news from Uganda.

Besides concern over the safety of our son Richard there - there are violent riots in Kampala (where he lives) at the moment - we heard more sad news from our African YWAM-friends:

Today, another child from the village next to the base became an orphan, as his father died of AIDS (his mother had already died of AIDS earlier).

The father was the last of several siblings who have ALL died of AIDS.

Unfortunately, this is normal reality in Uganda.

So very sad!

Lord, have mercy, my heart cries out!!!

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