Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By popular demand...

... and no, it's not through comments, but emails - hehe -

here's a lil update on our precious grandson Gideon:

He's been home now for almost a week, and doing GREAT!

Nathalie, new mommy, is also doing well.

His health is perfect,

his spirit is probably still recuperating from his traumatic entrance into the world,

but otherwise just a normal newb0rn baby

- keeping his parents on their toes -

- and keeping them up at night -

just the normal stuff, ya know.

What a blessing he is and we're so very grateful for God's protection and healing power

and the prayers of YOU -

so many of YOU!!!

As we've found out now, it seems that the placenta ruptured partially just before Gideon was born and that's how he lost so much of his blood.

Something amazing:

During this part of the birth, there was a particular song playing on Nathalie's ipod.

What I heard (and it's even on video, as Nathalie wanted Leilani to film)

was somebody singing

- again and again -

"It's a miracle - it's a miracle"

Nathalie told me later that these words are NOT part of the song - at all!

Makes you wonder who was in that room at this sacred moment

singing over this critical situation!



And later, when a room full of doctors and nurses were working on him, while he was in a critical condition, our pastor came to visit - and saw a big angel hovering right over Gideon, making sure that no harm came to him!

These photos were taken last night during the first meal we had with Nathalie, Lewis and Gideon at our house -

Happy campers!!

Proud 'Pa" and uncle Shayden


Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos, so delighted that Gideon is doing well, being a "normal" baby!
Love & blessings to you all xx

Danielle Gordon said...

Yay! God is SO good. Awesome story of our mirale working God in action. Love it!! Bet you're just loving all your cuddles xx

Grammy Schmidt said...

So good to hear the new family is doing well. Praying also for mom, dad and baby to get sleep.