Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Need I say more?

With Dad - first photo at home

Can you tell I'm a proud "Ma" (Rich is "Pa")?!
Wanted to be called "Jaja" (Grandma in Ugandan, but it didn't sit very well with the rest of the family)



He looks like he's got my red hair, but he actually doesn't -
for some reason the lighting from the flash makes it look that way
his real color is light brown

Nathalie, Lewis and Gideon did have to stay an extra night at Hamilton hospital and were transferred back to Tauranga hospital today.

Even though they were supposed to stay for at least another night/day there, they REALLY wanted to go home tonight - so the doctor obliged.

They'll have to spend most of tomorrow at the hospital again (blood-tests etc), but when it comes to the night, there's no place like home, and the little guy is doing really well, eating like a champ and sleeping in between.

It's so wonderful to see him snuggling with his parents!!!

All of our hearts are OVERJOYED at what the Lord has done!
HUMONGOUS THANKS to YOU for your prayers!!!


Elizabeth said...

WONDERFUL news, so glad that Gideon is home now! the Lord has mighty plans for him. xx

Danielle Gordon said...

oh Isabel!! Rejoicing with you all! So glad to hear he's doing well, and yes... he is one scrumptious lil baby! xx