Friday, April 8, 2011

The other "Me"

I don't know if this ever happens to you, but occasionally, I find myself dreaming about what I could see myself doing if I wasn't doing what I AM doing ~ ~ ~

Well, the last couple of days, I went to 2 trainings by the Foster Care Federation.
As a foster carer, I have the possibility to attend these kinds of trainings and I try to do them whenever they are in Tauranga and I've got time.

  • Firstly, because I LOVE LEARNING new things and sharpening my people and foster-mom skills.

  • Secondly, because it gets me out of the house and into a different world for a few hours ~ NICE! It actually feels like a day off, I get to dress up a bit and have adult time, sit down and just listen, talk and interact with like-minded people!

With babysitting getting paid, Leilani took the "job" and she did AMAZINGLY!!! When I came home in the evening, the house was peaceful and clean, the kids happy, the table was set, a beautiful meal made, the kitchen cleaned up and even music playing! WOW!!!! Am I blessed or what?!!!

Anyways, if I wasn't doing what I am doing ~ and don't get me wrong ~ I love what I AM doing I could so see myself as a social worker (or counselor)! The last couple of days, I was surrounded by them and I felt right at home.
Somebody even asked me if I was the trainer when she first met me - which of course was before the 1rst session.
I did feel a bit flattered by that comment, I've got to admit... as I was probably one of the least "professionally qualified" people in the room.
Must have looked smart or something - hehehe!

The topics of the trainings were "Team-work" and "Identity and Belonging".
Besides learning good stuff, I really enjoyed myself, had fun and came home refreshed after a full day (plus weekly grocery shopping, plus seeing our lawyer for Shayden's permanency).

I realize that in some ways, working outside the home is more relaxing than being a stay-at-home mom. Of course, it depends on a lot of factors ... but I can see why so many moms want to work outside the home - read between the lines here...

And ~ this also never fails to happen ~ I always come away from these trainings with such a strong desire to take on more foster children. Not that this gets talked about, I just realize HOW MUCH I LOVE KIDS. PERIOD. Especially the hurting ones. I see SO much beauty and potential in them.

So, for the curious ones among you - the other jobs I could see myself doing are:

  • Running an orphanage in Africa - surprise, surprise
  • working in an office, like a post office or similar - where everything is orderly, predictable and non-stressful, you know where everything is and everything has it's place.
  • Being an artist - painting with water-color - or just being very crafty/creative - not that I have done any of this, I just have a feeling it's inside of me and would come out if I fostered it.
Back to fostering, I LOVE it, I LOVE Shayden, I LOVE my kids, I LOVE being a mom, I LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE my life!

But the break was GRRRREAT!!!

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