Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome Grandson Gideon!!!

I am THRILLED to present to you our precious little grandson

Gideon Temana

meaning Mighty Warrior

Temana is tahitian (and Maori? not sure) and means powerful/mighty

He was born this morning at 11:43, weighing in
at 6lb7oz - or 2910g

Active labor only lasted 4 hours and Nathalie was a champion!

Besides Daddy Lewis, Leilani, myself and Lewis' mother all had the privilege of being part of this amazing experience!

NEW LIFE coming forth from the womb!!!! W

What a miracle!!!

We did get a scare though a few minutes after the birth when it became apparent that he had difficulty breathing.

He was taken to the special care unit for newborns and was giv
en oxygen, which didn't help much,




put on meds and
a breathing machine,

with tubes going in and coming out from everywhere

His little body went into shock.

He also got a blood transfusion as his blood count was really low -

half of what it was supposed to be.

~ AND ~

After being put into this

He was flown by helicopter to Waikato Hospital - about 1hour 15 minutes from Tauranga - for further tests to determine what was wrong with him.

They were suspecting trouble with his heart and were talking about the possibility of him being flown to Starship Childrens Hospital in Auckland, should they detect a serious problem with his heart which would necessitate surgery.

Nathalie was taken to Waikato by ambulance and Lewis drove there with a family member, since there was no room for him in either the helicopter or the ambulance.

What a day - full of so many emotions!

And definitely NOT the way we imagined it to be!

We just heard from Nathalie that Gideon - true to his name, this mighty fighter -
is doing much better.

They have excluded a heart problem. That is just FANTASTIC!!!


It seems that the main cause of the problem was that he'd lost a lot of blood during late labor.
Don't ask me where the blood was lost, because it sure wasn't apparent.

There are still a few things not the way they should be and they will continue to monitor him, but it sure is a HUGE relief that it is nothing too serious!

While we all felt the grace of God so tangibly during this difficult time,

I couldn't help but feel incredible gratefulness for our doctors, nurses and other medical personnel and equipment.

If this had happened to a baby in Africa, the outcome may not have been so good...

All I can say tonight,






YOU're the BEST!!!!!!!!


Danielle Gordon said...

How absolutely precious! I bet you're over the moon - and to be there when he was born, what a moment!
Great to hear his heart is fine. Thankyou Jesus!! It gives you a bit of a scare when things don't go as expected, reasurring to know hes' in good hands though. Will continue to pray for full health.
Looking forward to a pic of you and Gideon soon! have you decided what you and Rich are going to be called?
love you xxx

Isabel said...

Thanks, Danielle! I KNEW it was YOU who'd made the comment - you're pretty much the only one ever making one - hehe!
thanks for prayers, will keep updating as we'll know more.
I wanted to be called "Jaja" - ya know, the Ugandan version of Grandma, but it didn't sit well with the family, so I think I'll be Ima and Rich will be Pa.
Love you!