Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please pray for Uganda!

I just came home from a garage sale to help Leilani and me get to Uganda in August.

And I found out about rioting happening in our beloved Uganda.

The children and staff of one of the ministries we visited have had to hide under their beds to stay safe from bullets flying over their heads.

Please read more about it here and join me in prayer!

Our son Richard also lives in Kampala, where the riots are, and we are concerned for his safety...


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ShellyO said...

Hi precious Isabell. Thanks for stopping by my blog last night. I wanted to write you back because I've practically spent all day thinking about your question from last night...what WOULD be a good question for someone to ask me? I guess I don't really mind the questions... I am passionate about orphan care, adoption, etc and I love to talk about those things. But I won't talk about them at the expense of my children's hearts. I really resent "innocent" comments like "wow, you sure have your hands full," because those words imply that my children are somehow a burden to me. And I don't feel that way at all. So your question... I guess what I DO like to hear are just comments and conversation that make my kids feel normal. I like it when we walk in a store and people can just treat them and speak to them like they would any other kids. Today at the grocery store, the guy checking us out told me he liked Joseph's smile. That's a good one. Sometimes people comment that I have "happy children." That's a good one. Sometimes people just smile and wave and move on by instead of shaking their heads and rolling their eyes and commenting on how crazy our family looks. The people who "get it" are few and far between... but how I appreciate them.