Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catching up

WOW - it's been awhile... SOOOO much to say, so little time...
Since Rich came home from Samoa, things have been a whirlwind.
He brought home some bug he and his team-members got in Samoa as a going-away "gift"... and was quite miserable the first week home.
LOTS of things to catch up on - on all fronts...

We celebrated Jeremie's 18th birthday this week!!! So proud of this kid who's become such a fine young man!!!

EXACTLY 5 weeks from now will be Nathalie and Lewis' wedding and the preparations are consuming every possible free moment in my days (and sometimes nights...).
It's all good though, and I am so excited that we'll have family coming for the wedding from Germany, USA, Australia and Tahiti - we'll also have other islander-friends that live in NZ at the wedding (Samoa, Fiji and Tonga)!!! How very special!!!

Leilani is SUPER busy with a very competitive volleyball-team and has barely got time to breathe in between school, practices, games, tournaments, homework, church commitments (not many these days cuz of being so busy), fundraising for volleyball-related-activities, friends and chores...

I am kind of grateful that Rich has been prevented from traveling again because of lack of finances... He was supposed to be in the South Island at the moment, but it's good to have him around (tonight he's doing a shift at St.Johns).

WONDERFUL NEWS: remember how Rich wanted to leave a gift of NZ$2,000 in Samoa?
Well, amazingly enough, through the generosity of many people (from Germany, USA, Tahiti and New Zealand), we have reached this goal almost exactly to the dollar and will be sending it off next week! IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE! (Jesus)
I feel soo blessed!

Oh yeah, MORE WONDERFUL NEWS: remember my purse that was stolen? Our contents insurance (that we need for our rental home) covered the theft!!! So, besides having my wallet replaced already with most cards, drivers licence etc, and my sunglasses, I will get a brand new cell-phone next week (better than the old one) and a brand new camera (better than the old one).

I am blown away - several people had prayed for me (myself included) that the stolen goods would be restored, and have they ever!

Something that just tickled my heart: the purse that was stolen was about 30 years old and would not have matched the dress that I'm going to be wearing at the wedding. Neither would my only other purse. Through the reimbursement of the lost purse, I was able to buy a new purse that matches perfectly - YAY!!!
All I can say is, THANK YOU, JESUS!!!

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