Saturday, October 3, 2009

New record

We've had our share of "crazy" situations in our 2o+ years as missionaries.

Flexibility has definitely been part of most of our lives.

But yesterday saw us set a new record: preparing for a 2-week-overseas-trip in less than 24 hours!

With God's help - and quite a few praying - we made it - AMAZING!

Rich has safely arrived in Samoa where he and the team will be staying at the YWAM base.

They will even be fed there, it seems - both lodging and food being a luxury we weren't counting on (of course, everybody pays for their share)!

Rich brought dehydrated food for the 2 weeks at 1 meal a day, water purifying tablets and a little plate-set that food can be heated up in over a fire. So, who knows - he may not even need them... not sure.

So that's a good start. They will head out into the affected areas tomorrow.

If you're interested, here's how the "story" unfolded:

Wednesday morning: We find out about the earthquake and tsunami in Samoa and are very affected by it - pray - pray - pray

Wednesday evening: We hear that RescueNet is sending a team to both Samoa and Indonesia

Thursday: We both feel that Rich is meant to be part of the RescueNet team going to Samoa, but he was never able to finish the last part of his training (since they haven't held one yet) and so he thinks he's not eligible to be deployed.

Thursday night @ 9pm: We receive an email stating that Rich IS able to get deployed to Samoa after all (may I add that my man is REALLY great when it comes to emergencies and stressful situations and he's been having quite a bit of experience in the basic medical field as of late, too!)

Rich calls his leader/boss and clears with him if it's ok to go for the 2 weeks. He says yes, as long as he covers all areas of responsibilities with co-workers.

Rich and I pray about the situation, asking God to make it clear if he is meant to go.

Then (kind-of) off to sleep we go.

Friday morning:

Rich calls his co-workers and they release him with their blessing.

Then starts that mad-rush with booking a ticket, getting all kinds of paperwork done, buying all kinds of necessary gear, picking up a suitcase full of medical supplies, trying to get insurance, giving over areas of responsibility to co-workers, shopping, phone call after phone call - email after email - - - packing - - - did I mention emails and phone-calls?!

Friday night - actually Saturday morning at 1:45am:

Rich is still writing emails when he realizes he's forgotten about the time. (I had gone to sleep shortly after 1am, too exhausted to stay awake anymore)

He's just getting changed when the driver of the airport-shuttle van calls from the top of the driveway, asking Rich to come up, since he can't drive down the steep driveway with his trailer.

Big rush - almost 50kg of luggage needs to get to the top of the driveway.

Luggage in the car - drive up - unload luggage into van - drive back down - run back up...

... of course, all that takes place while all the other passengers of the shuttle are waiting...

Rich crashes as soon as he gets on that van and pretty much sleeps the whole way to Auckland airport (2 1/2hours) - except for a few bumps in the road that wake him up.

And I am surprised to find all lights, plus the heater on when I get up later - doesn't normally happen with Rich.

In the morning, I get an email that Rich wrote at the airport - probably one last email for a while - one last quick phone-call - and off he flies at 8am!

OUFF! Made it! And that's just the beginning...


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