Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watch this!

A video slideshow set to Bono's speech at the presidential prayer breakfast.

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Kimmie said...


thank you for sharing this.

Father~ I pray that they are not only words, but move words spoken that will move mountains upon this earth and the very hearts and hands of men.

Let your Church arise oh Lord to the cause of the poor, to the orphan, to the hurting, the sick, the dying, to the lost.

May we truly be a light in this world, let us each take our lives, our very lives and make a difference for you Kingdom.

Lord, you know I mean it, please let others, zillions and zillions of others mean it too. Let us see your Powerful hand working through our lives Oh God. Please Lord, come and help the afflicted...let us be doers and not hearers of your Word only.

Thank you for Bono. Continue to let Him be your hands and feet. Allow his voice, which is Your voice to be heard in every place ...let him impact this generation for your glory.

I boldly ask this in Jesus' Name. amen.