Wednesday, October 14, 2009

YOU can make a difference, too!

When Rich was on the plane to Samoa, he met a couple of guys from the Salvation Army.
They wanted to go and help - somehow -
They had some money they wanted to invest.

A couple of days after their arrival, Rich and the team met them walking on the road and picked them up.

Guess what??

The guys ended up buying the local YWAM-team a flat-bed truck (!!!) - to help with transportation of materials for the rebuilding of people's homes. What a HUGE blessing!!!

Fono, the YWAM-leader, and his team - has been out ever since from 5am, going into the newly establishing villages in the mountains, helping people clear land of coconut trees and building homes.

As mentioned, Rich would LOVE to leave a gift of NZ$2,000+ (about 1,000Euro, US$1,500) with Fono to help with buying building materials for homes.

You can give here by credit card from any nation in the world!
Even a small donation of $5 or $10 will make a difference and will bless the people of Samoa that have lost everything!

Your gift will be processed through our local Impact World Tour (YWAM) account and then go straight to Samoa. Just make sure to put SAMOA in the details section.

THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH - for your prayers, for your interest and for your gifts!

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Andy Moore said...

wow that's cool you're keen to adopt/foster, perhaps you could get in touch with Paulette here in Canterbury, she's started up a website with this mission in mind...