Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Rich and the RescueNet team in Samoa treated people's wounds and infections all day yesterday in the mountain area and will probably continue to do so every day.

There are so many needs and sad stories...

He treated one 13-year-old, sad, boy who lost his mother in the tsunami.

Also a 70+-year-old grandmother who is very ill and should really be in hospital (but doesn't want to go). While Rich was treating her, her 2-year-old twin grand-daughters were buried next to her. She was devastated that they got swept away by the tsunami while family members rushed to help her (after she tripped).

Rich said the people they ministered to hadn't received ANY help yet - no food, nothing...

There are LOTS of children and they are starting to come down with coughs as they are sleeping without any blankets and the nights are quite cold.

Rich LOVES what he's doing (he always wanted to be a doctor), only regrets they can't do more. Unfortunately, they have to spend 4 hours/day just for travel to and from the affected sites...

My heart aches for the people - - -

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