Monday, October 19, 2009

Mission accomplished!

Today, we welcomed our "HERO" Rich back home after a little over 2 weeks in Samoa!

The emercency relief mission is finished and clearly, Samoa is now in the new stage of rebuilding.

We are so proud of what Rich and his team were able to accomplish - with God's help - bringing physical, emotional and spiritual healing to so many in the initial stage of the aftermath of the tsunami.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH if you have prayed - for Rich, for Samoa, for us at home!!!
And THANK YOU, if you have given towards Rich's travel costs - or for Samoa!

Monetary donations are still trickling in towards the goal of NZ$2,000 that Rich felt to leave in Samoa. It is pretty exciting!
We will wait until the end of this week and then send off the total of what will have come in.

So - there's still time to give, if you want to just bless the Samoans in the rebuilding of their lives - channeled through YWAM-Samoa - every dollar counts!

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