Sunday, October 4, 2009

How sweet!

Kylie made a picture for Rich just before she went to bed the night that he left. On the back, she wrote this. I just had to capture it and share it with you :)In case you can't read her writing - this is what she meant to write:

I am going to miss you, Dad, when you go away.

I hope you are going to be safe.

Love from Kylie

Since Rich's left, Kylie has started sleeping UNDERNEATH Shayden's cot/crib - again - it's sooo funny! She did this on one of Rich's last trips away, too.

She camps out in Shayden's room - brings her clothes and toys (as much as I let her) and then sleeps in the squished space between the floor and the bottom of the cot/crib. It cracks me up!

She really seems to enjoy sleeping there - and the bonus is that when both of them wake up in the morning, they entertain each other for a while before they come and see me. Works quite well - especially since we're on school vacation at the moment.

You can't see Kylie on this photo - I took it in the dark while they were sleeping. She IS under there somewhere...

She ENJOYS "roughing it" (she sleeps on the floor with thin carpet - no mattress, no blanket underneath) - who knows, she may end up a missionary some day, sleeping on the floor somewhere... - and won't even mind it - hihi

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