Thursday, October 8, 2009

I was gonna have an early night tonight...

... but that doesn't seem to happen these days...

I'd like to ask you for your prayers.

Some friends and I are trying to get a container with supplies ready to be shipped from Tauranga to Samoa.
The biggest problem is the paperwork that needs to be provided from Samoa for the shipping company - bureaucracy, politics, island-time - call it whatchawant... it's a challenge!

We are trying to get the container (and possibly even a second one) to the YWAM leaders in Samoa - excellent people and friends of mine for 25 years. We would love for the container to go to them, since we would be reassured of the contents REALLY going to the neediest people.
They would be working on the distribution in collaboration with the local churches.

So - it would be GREAT if you could pray for a breakthrough with the paperwork ASAP!!!

Just got a call from Rich. He and the team were on a neigbouring island today - 30 minute boat-ride from Western Samoa. -

They hadn't received any visits or help yet since the tsunami.

800 people.

They're out of water...

Within 10 minutes of arrival, 30 people show up for medical treatment.

After treating 10 people or so, a tsunami alert goes off and it is PANIC among the people (of course, Rich keeps his "cool" head, packs up some bags with medical gear so they can keep treating people and then leaves)!

Everybody rushing to higher grounds...
Old people panting and staggering...
a boy tripping and hurting his head on a rock...

Quite the adventure - and I'm so grateful that it was called off about an hour or so later!
(You DID hear about the earthquake in Vanuatu and the tsunami alert, didn't you?!)

There are so many needs in that island that they'll probably go back there for the rest of the week - along with other medical teams. They left the 25l water container full of water that they had received from the Red Cross this morning.(unfortunately weren't able to get another container with water from the Red Cross for tomorrow - seems they are really stretched...)

Seems like the Samoa Health Board really likes what our team is doing - holistic work - talking to the people, counselling (I don't know if they are aware of the prayer part) and treating wounds, helping build new homes, bringing food and water. They say nobody else does this - and they've got favour. YAY!

The Samoa Health Board sent a Samoan doctor with the team today. She normally lives in the USA, but came to help - happens to be a full-on Christian! Neat!

We have 4 more people (3 medical) from Marine Reach leaving tomorrow night to join the team.

Now let's just PRAY and hope for a breakthrough with the container tomorrow!!!

By the way, Rich said that several team members are taking photos - so hopefully we'll get to see some - when, I don't know...

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